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Corporate Profile

      Jiangsu TaYaCn Drying Technology Co., Ltd. is a platform-based enterprise with ecological open collaboration and interaction. Over the past 30 years, a wide range of customer applications have resulted in nearly 10,000 users in Jiangsu Sunchen, which has made Jiangsu Sunchen's superior technology in the fields of drying, thermal energy and environmental protection and the production capacity of complete intelligent equipment production lines.
      Jiangsu TaYaCn refined into the line! In 1986, Mr. Zhuang Yihong started the promotion and application of drying, thermal energy and environmental protection equipment manufacturing. In 1994, he founded Changzhou Yihong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., and the trademark was “Sunchen”. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, continuous deepening of technical research and steady improvement of customer service, in 2016, according to the company's own development strategy, the company name was changed to: Jiangsu Sunchen Drying Technology Co., Ltd., and Sunson Intelligent Equipment Division (automated production line) ), Sunson Industrial Energy Saving Equipment Division.
      Technological innovation is the source of enterprise development. Sunchen insists on innovation and development, and maintains close cooperation with domestic and international professional institutions and research institutes of higher education institutions, and is committed to building a benchmark enterprise in the dry industry. Jiangsu Sunchen is willing to share advanced technology and rich project experience as well as operating standards that meet international health and safety environmental standards to help users innovate in applications such as drying, heat and environmental protection.
      At present, we are consolidating the steady development of the achievements we have made in the past, at the same time gathering industrial capital, introducing innovative talents, engaged in product research and development, introducing higher production standards, more optimized process design, and continuing to focus on energy-saving and technological innovation... ...we value your every support and let you feel the better value service of the Sunchen brand!

Contact us
Contacter :Jason Zhuang
Tel: +86 519-88911555  
Fax: +86 519-88902486
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