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ZPG-2000 vacuum rake dryer is now loaded and shipped

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        In the days when the summer heat faded a little, the ZPG-2000 vacuum rake dryer ordered by a certain customer in Guangxi to Suli has now been manufactured to a high standard and successfully shipped! The equipment is made of stainless steel and stainless steel. Fluor spray, supporting heat transfer oil heating system, spiral feeding machine, polypropylene vacuum unit, vacuum receiving system, storage bins and other equipment.

Advantages of vacuum rake dryer : 
         (1) Strong adaptability and wide application Because rake vacuum dryer uses jacket heating and high vacuum exhaust, it adapts to almost all materials with different properties and conditions. Explosive, easily oxidized, dry paste materials. 
   (2) The product quality is good Because during the drying process, the rake teeth are rotating forward and backward, the dried materials are stirred evenly, the overheated materials are avoided, the moisture is also easily escaped, and the shell gets low temperature products. Due to the fine grain size, it can be packaged without crushing.     
   (3) Low steam consumption Because vacuum rake dryers mostly use steam to pass through the jacket and use latent heat to heat the material, the amount of steam consumed per kilogram of processed product is small, typically 1.3-1.8 kg of steam.     
   (4) According to the different characteristics and requirements of the dry material, the sealing system of the vacuum rake dryer can choose two kinds of packing seals and mechanical seals. The special design ensures the sealability and service life.     
   (5) The easy-to-operate vacuum rake dryer is easy to operate, low in staffing, and low in labor intensity. As the material escape loss is reduced, the environmental hygiene is improved.



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