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nergy efficient, well-produced ZPG-2000 vacuum rake dryer has been successfully shipped!

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       In May, the season of blooming, the season of labor, and the vitality everywhere, Su Li is also like this. The ZPG-2000 vacuum rake dryer manufactured by a certain Suzhou Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has been produced and completed. Smooth delivery!

Equipment configuration parameters:
      1、The equipment is equipped with a feeding hopper;   
      2、The set of steam sub steam turbines;   
      3、The height of the material feeding port is 1.1 meters;  

     4. The material of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and the rest is made of carbon steel.

Rake vacuum dryer Overview of:
      vacuum drying machines are also called rake rake vacuum dryer, a vacuum-based dynamic conductivity type   drying apparatus , a vacuum rake dryer with extended application, produces a series of special equipment modifications, Axial vacuum type helium dryer, vacuum paddle dryer , vacuum ribbon dryer and so on. Vacuum crucible drying machine adopts jacket heating and jacket heating shaft and arm heating together. It is suitable for drying and solvent of bulk materials that require easy aggregation and agglomeration during drying under vacuum conditions. Recovery process. 
 Vacuum rake dryer works:

     The material to be dried is fed from the feeding port above the housing. Under the stirring of the continuously rotating tooth, the surface is continuously updated when the material is in contact with the housing wall. The dried material is heated by the steam (or hot water, heat transfer oil) walls. The moisture in the material is vaporized, and vaporized moisture is pumped away in time by a vacuum pump. As the operating vacuum is higher, the boiling point of the solvent is greatly reduced, and the water vapor pressure on the surface of the dried material is much greater than the water vapor pressure in the dryer shell. This facilitates the discharge of moisture and surface moisture from the material. After completing the operation, close the vacuum valve, break the vacuum, open the vacuum discharge valve in the lower part of the device, and discharge the material.

Vacuum rake dryer equipment features:

      1. The material is dry and uniform; oxidation and overheating are avoided; products with extremely low moisture content can be obtained, and packaging can be achieved without crushing.   
      2, high evaporation intensity, generally up to 15-60kg (water) / m2 • h.   
      3, no air intervention, the condenser load is very small, can easily recycle the material solvent.   
      4. Solvent vapor entrained material is filtered out after being filtered, and there is no pollution to the environment.   
      5, low energy consumption, general evaporation of 1kg of water requires 1.3-1.5kg water vapor.  

     6, the hot medium can use steam, hot oil, hot water.


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Contacter :Jason Zhuang
Tel: +86 519-88911555  
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