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Ultrafine powder dryer will replace rotary flash dryer

From:JiangSu TAYACN Drying Technology Co.,Ltd.  Time:2010/6/30 9:24:54  Hits:

  A company in Shenyang University of Northeastern University has successfully developed an ultra-fine powder dryer, which is specially used for the drying of ultra-fine and nano-sized materials with strict requirements. It is a multi-functional dryer that integrates drying, crushing and grading. It has been successfully applied to the drying of ultrafine zirconia, nano calcium carbonate, nano aluminum hydroxide, fine powder aluminum hydroxide and nano magnesium hydroxide. For materials with secondary agglomeration, the ultrafine powder dryer is an alternative to rotary flash dryers. 
     The basic working principle of the ultrafine powder dryer is the super-strong crushing capacity of the high-speed agitator, the particle size control of the classifier and the re-crushing effect on the secondary agglomeration, and the use of the rotating airflow and the material particles to produce a large relative Exercise, thereby strengthening the principle of heat and mass transfer to complete the drying of the material. Its unique advantages are the high-speed crushing device installed at the bottom and the adjustable classifier at the top, which can easily control the particle size of the product; its structure is more advanced, and the maintenance is more convenient. Therefore, the ultrafine powder dryer has stronger crushing and dispersing ability, and is very suitable for drying of ultrafine materials. 
     Ultrafine powder dryers can be used for materials that are bulky or less viscous, especially those with secondary agglomeration. Ultrafine powder dryers work better when applied to these materials. Through the modification of the rotor structure and the control of the dry air flow, the nano ultrafine powder dryer can be applied to the drying of organic substances such as nitrile rubber. 
     The ultrafine powder dryer has been successfully applied to the drying of materials such as nano calcium carbonate, nano aluminum hydroxide, fine powder aluminum hydroxide and nano magnesium hydroxide. Due to the strong surface bonding force of the nano material in the wet state, the material has great viscosity, resulting in agglomeration of the material, poor fluidity, difficulty in transportation, and difficulty in drying. During the drying process, this bonding force causes material agglomeration and affects product performance. Therefore, the material should be bridged during the drying process and the agglomerated materials should be effectively dispersed. In addition, nanomaterials generally contain modifiers, both organic and inorganic, which are easily decomposed by heat. Therefore, the heat sensitiveness of the material should be considered when drying the nanomaterial. The ultrafine powder dryer is able to adapt to the drying characteristics of nanomaterials and has a very good drying effect.


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