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The domestic camp of drying equipment continues to grow, and develop innovation innovation provides momentum.

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Keywords: domestic drying equipment camps continue to grow, technological innovations provide development momentum

        In recent years, the domestic drying equipment industry has entered an accelerated development stage. With the emergence of more and more small and medium-sized drying equipment manufacturers in the market, the industry competition has become increasingly fierce. 
         The overall development trend of China's drying equipment is good, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries. At present, domestic enterprises still focus on mid-to-low-end product customers. The development presents several obvious features. The desiccant equipment industry wants to have a lower level with foreign products. In the future, Chinese enterprises must continuously strengthen their efforts in technology research and development. The market situation and demand of the drying equipment to upgrade the high-end products and upgrade the drying equipment are inseparable from the market. The market demand dominates the development of the drying equipment industry. It is reported that the successful application of foreign intelligent control technology for drying equipment has enabled the technical level of drying equipment to be further improved. The development of eco-friendly drying equipment products has also become an important task for the company. The application of energy-saving technologies and mechatronic technologies has reached the point where they must face each other. Using ergonomic design to improve the operation of intelligence, reduce noise and vibration, pay more attention to the appearance of the design requirements. Drying equipment products are increasingly upgraded to high-end models.    There is a certain gap between China's drying equipment technology and foreign developed countries. Although it has been greatly improved in recent years, it is only a low-end market. The high-end market for drying equipment is a blank in China. There is fierce competition in the domestic low-end market, and many companies are faced with severe situations such as cuts in production and layoffs.    At present, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had a complicated brand, lack of technology, and low productivity, which seriously restricts the development of China's drying industry and hinders China's advancement to the international market. We should introduce advanced technology from abroad and research and develop new products. The fully automatic dryer will become the mainstream, and a large number of computer and electromechanical integration control equipment will be used to increase output, save manpower, and create more benefits for the company.
   The gentrification of products has become a trend in the development of drying equipment. China needs to work hard to adjust the product structure, learn advanced foreign technologies, develop and produce high-performance, low-cost, large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products for production and sales, and change the low-tech content. situation. According to national conditions, we have developed suitable drying equipment to speed up the replacement of drying equipment and further explore the domestic and international markets.     The increasingly fierce competition The drying equipment sales market is gradually shifting.    In recent years, the production and sales of drying equipment in China have grown rapidly. However, due to the dependence on imports, the number of dryer equipment companies and the blind expansion of production capacity, the profitability of dryer equipment manufacturers It is not optimistic. Experts pointed out that in a short period of time, due to the accumulation of high-end drying equipment talents and technology accumulation in China, the situation of large-scale imports of foreign high-end drying equipment will not change, and China’s dependence on high-end drying equipment will still depend on its import in the short term. continued.    China's drying equipment market is facing fierce competition. The industry has stated that the drying equipment industry has formed a market structure with vicious competition in low-value-added production links. Faced with such a strong capital offensive, domestic dryer equipment companies in distress are almost certain to be merged.   If local companies in China want to stick to their camps in the future, they will need to constantly improve their technology. Experts said that the transition from pure quality marketing to brand marketing will be the focus of work for each company in the future. In addition, many famous foreign companies have increased their enthusiasm and performance in investing in the Chinese market. It also proves that China's drying equipment industry has tremendous potential for development. After foreign companies entered China in a joint venture in previous years, foreign companies are expected to Investment forms will tend to be solely funded, and will tend to be localized in production organization, and will be inclined to medium-to-high-end products in product positioning.
   Domestic drying equipment companies should recognize the development trend of the industry, and while consolidating their own fields, they should steadily move forward and seize one market in the fierce market competition. In the industry analysis, with the increasingly fierce competition and the further extension of highways, the drying equipment sales market in China will gradually shift to the west. From the current point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang have experienced rapid economic growth in the early years, and their comprehensive economic strength is strong. Therefore, the consumption of drying equipment in the region has always been at the forefront of the domestic market. With the further extension of China's expressways, the development of the western region will make the central and western regions become new investment hot spots.


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