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Energy saving and environmental protection is the in-depth research direction of drying equipment

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      In recent years, humans have become more aware of the importance of environmental protection and how drying equipment can reduce environmental problems such as the leakage of dust and exhaust gases. This will be the direction for further research in the future. 
   The domestic drying equipment technology has been continuously improved and has achieved certain results. At present, among domestic sales of drying equipment, economical drying equipment accounts for about 50%, universal drying equipment accounts for about 45%, high-grade drying equipment accounts for about 5%, and economical drying equipment achieves batch export capacity. , The popularity of drying equipment gradually expanded exports, and exports of advanced drying equipment made breakthroughs. 
   Our country has strict requirements on the quality of drying equipment. From the market demand, high-quality, low-energy, environmentally-friendly drying equipment can better meet the market demand in various fields. 
   In terms of technology, research on automation, testing, manufacturing processes, material design, and other aspects has been strengthened. It is courageous to innovate, learn from foreign technologies, take advantage of innovations, strengthen innovation, and adapt to the trend of the market. At the same time, it is also inseparable from policy support. Drying equipment companies should grasp the policy guarantees provided by the government and create better prospects for development.


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Contacter :Jason Zhuang
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