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Glucose rotary drum dryer

Glucose rotary drum dryer


Detailed description

Glucose Material Description:
   Glucose (chemical formula C6H12O6), also known as corn sugar, maize sugar, and even simply referred to as glucose, is the most widely distributed and most important monosaccharide in nature. It is a polyhydroxyaldehyde. Pure glucose is a colorless crystal, sweet but not as sweet as sucrose, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. The aqueous solution rotates to the right, so it is also called "dextrose". Glucose has an important position in the biological field and is the energy source of living cells and the intermediate product of metabolism, that is, the main energy-supplying substance of organisms. Plants produce glucose through photosynthesis. Widely used in the field of candy manufacturing and medicine. 
The main role of glucose material:
   glucose is an indispensable nutrient in vivo metabolism. The heat released from its oxidation reaction is an important source of energy for human life activities. It can be used directly in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is used as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing tanning industry. Glucose is used as a reducing agent in mirror manufacturing industry and thermos bottle silver plating process. In the industry, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has also been synthesized using glucose as a raw material. 

The working principle of glucose rotary drum dryer : After the
   wet material is put into one end of the dryer, the material is evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer, and the hot air in the cocurrent (counterflow) flows under the flapper evenly distributed in the inner drum. Full contact, accelerated drying heat transfer, transmitted to the driving force. During the drying process, the material can be regulated to move to the other star discharge valve of the dryer to discharge the product under the action of the tilting plate and the hot air flow. 

   Our company recommends the use of special equipment according to the characteristics of the material: glucose rotary roller dryer . Welcome new and old customers to inquire about specific solutions.

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