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Crushing equipment series

30B Series Universal High-efficiency Crusher (set)

Summay:30B series universal high-efficiency grinding unit consists of crusher, ESC material collection box and ESC vacuum cleaner. Solve the material fly dust during the crushing process. The working principle of this machine is that the material enters the crushing chamber and is crushed under the action of the impact, shearing, friction, and impact of the materials between the high-speed rotating movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate. Become the desired powder.

Detailed description

Features and Uses
   This machine (set) is suitable for the pulverization of brittle materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and other industries. It is a new generation of crushing equipment that combines grinding and vacuuming.

   Structure and principle
     The unit utilizes the relative movement between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate, so that the material is crushed by the impact and friction of the teeth and the material and the impact between them. The crushed material automatically enters the predator bag by the effect of rotary centrifugal force, and the dust is recovered by the dust box through the bag filter. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all of which are made of stainless steel. No dust is flying in the production process. And can improve the utilization of materials, reduce business costs, has reached the international advanced level.

   Technical specifications

modelunit20B/20B unit30B/30B unit40B/40B unit60B/60B unit
Production capacityKg/h60-150100-300160-800500-1500
Spindle speedr/min4500380034002800
Feed particle sizeMm6101215
Smashing finenessMesh60-15060-12060-12060-120
Smash motor powerKw45.51115
Vacuum fan powerKw1.
Dimensions (L×W×H)Mm550×600×1250600×700×1450800×900×15501000×900×1680
Dimensions (Units) (L×W×H)Mm1100×600×16501200×650×16501350×700×17001550×1000×1750

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Contacter :Jason Zhuang
Tel: +86 519-88911555  
Fax: +86 519-88902486
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