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Heat source equipment series

JRF series coal-fired hot blast stove

Summay:JRF series coal-fired hot blast stove is the latest indirect heating technology that integrates combustion and heat exchange with high temperature parts of the furnace body. The smoke and air all go their own way. The heating is absolutely pollution-free and the thermal efficiency is high (up to 60-75 %), fast heating, small size, easy installation, reliable use, and low price (this heating system is only half the boiler heating system price compared to a ton boiler).

Detailed description

Working principle
  The furnace integrates combustion and heat transfer into one body. The latest indirect heating technology for heat exchange in the high temperature part of the furnace body. Smoke and air are all in the right way. The heating is absolutely non-polluting, the thermal efficiency is high (up to 60-75%), and the temperature rises quickly. Small size, easy installation, reliable use, and low price (this heating system is only half the boiler heating system price compared to a ton boiler).

   Features  High-temperature resistance measures are adopted to extend the service life of the tube-type hot blast stove. Longitudinal flushing fins for flue gas and negative pressure exhaust are adopted. The dust does not accumulate in the heat transfer area, and no heat removal is required. stable. All kinds of coal or diesel can be used as fuel, and equipped with secondary air inlet device to burn completely. The technical and economic indicators of the furnace have reached the leading domestic level.

   Adaptable materials
  The furnace is a universal hot air device that is used in conjunction with a variety of material drying equipment . Widely used in food, seed, feed, fruit, dehydrated vegetables, Xiangru, fungus, Tremella, tea, tobacco and other agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, light and heavy industrial products, heating and dehumidification, can also be used for heating of various facilities And warehouse dehumidification and so on.

Technical specifications

Inner cylinder diameter76076011701170147016701870
Outer diameter1280128018401840220024602700
Total height3500350042604760481051105310
Total equipment3.15T3.65T6.8T7.5T9.8T11.7T13.5T
Hot air outlet diameter300300500500500600600
Hot air outlet height1585158516701670167017701770
Smoke outlet diameter250250250250250300320
Smoke outlet height2050205022202220222023852385
Horn elbow modelXZD/G Φ578XZD/G Φ810
Coal consumption per hour43kg57kg85kg115kg170kg230kg286kg
Coal combustion value5000kcal/h
Thermal efficiency70-78%75-80%
Cigarette fan modelY5-47-3.15C 

 ◎ The environmental reference temperature standard is 18°C±2°C, and the calorific value of coal is calculated at 5000Kcal/kg. 
 ◎In the table, the hot air temperature is determined according to the output air volume. Hot air heater JRF4 type hot air temperature up to 200 °C or more, JRF5 JRF6 type hot air temperature up to 300 °C or more (special manufacturing up to 500 °C or more), users adjust according to need. 
 ◎ The height of the stove window of the hot blast stove is 3 to 5 meters for the JRF4 type and 5 to 8 meters for the JRF and JRF6 types. 
 ◎ The corresponding position of the outside dimensions in the table is shown in the hot air furnace installation diagram. 
 ◎ The refractory layer on the inner wall of the lower part of the furnace starts from the hearth. Its height: JRF4-type is 0.5 meters and can be installed on site. 
 ◎JRF6 is a chain grate burner.

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