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Mixing equipment series

SYH Series 3D Motion Mixer

Summay:SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer has multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel, so that the material in the barrel crosses the mixing point more, the mixing effect is high, the uniformity can reach over 99.9%, and the maximum loading factor can reach 0.9 (normal mixing The machine is 0.4 to 0.6), the mixing time is short and the efficiency is high. The machine's mixing bucket body design is unique, the inner wall of the barrel is finely polished, no dead angle, no contaminated material, convenient discharge, cleaning...

Detailed description

Performance characteristics The
     loaded cylinder is driven by the driving shaft to perform the compound movements such as translation, rotation and rolling, which cause the material to move along the cylinder in three directions, thereby realizing the mutual flow and diffusion of multiple materials. Accumulation and doping. To achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

   Adapt to the material
 ◎ This machine mixing bowl moves in many directions, the material has no centrifugal force, no gravity segregation and delamination, accumulation phenomenon, each component can have a large weight ratio, high mixing rate, is an ideal product in a variety of current mixers . 
 ◎The loading rate of the cylinder is large, up to 90% (only 50% for ordinary mixers), high efficiency and short mixing time. 
 ◎ The barrel is full of circular transitions and is precision polished. 
 ◎ It is used for 
 high uniformity mixing of powdery and granular materials used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, light industry, electronics, machinery, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry, and various research institutes.

 Three-dimensional motion mixer structure diagram

Technical specifications

Barrel volume (L)515501002004006008001,000120015002000
Maximum loading volume (L)4.513.54590180360540720900108013501800
Maximum loading weight (kg)1.5-2.74-8.115-2730-5450-108100-216150-324200-432250-540300-648400-810500-1080
Spindle speed (r/min)0-200-200-200-200-150-150-130-100-100-90-90-8
Motor power (kw)0.250.371.11.52.545.57.511111518.5
Size (mm)600×1000
     × 1000
800 × 1200 
     × 1000
1150 × 1400 
     × 1000
1250 × 1800 
     × 1550
1450 ×2000 
1650 ×2200 
1850 ×2500 
2100 × 2650 
     × 2000
2150 × 2800 
     × 2100
2000 × 3000 
     × 2260
2300 ×3200 
2500 × 3500 
     × 2800
Weight (kg)10020030080012001200150017001800200024003000

NOTE: Material Press bulk specific gravity 0.6 g of / cm & lt . 3 is a meter, such as beyond, indicate when ordering.

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Contacter :Jason Zhuang
Tel: +86 519-88911555  
Fax: +86 519-88902486
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